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HPP Transform Challenger into Superbird – For you long for the days of high -winged Dodge Charger Daytona and Plymouth Superbird can open your checkbook and make a loan to Heide Performance Products of Madison Heights , Mich.

The Company may change any Dodge Challenger into pavement burner 70 – inspired , even if they leave the actual burning up your sidewalk modifications : the Superbird / Daytona appearance upgrade kit only.

Full kit comes with a nose cone assembly ( $ 5,999 ) , three-piece wings ( $ 2,499 ) , and a functional Shaker hood scoop ( $ 2,499 ) , rear aluminum grille ( $ 899 ) , HPP Challenger hood pin ( $ 179 ) , Daytona or Superbird taillight overlay ( $ 189 ) , gill fenders ( $ 89 ) , pistol – grip shift lever ( $ 149 ) and a rear diffuser ( $ 1,299 ) , or a total of $ 13,800 . HPP say paint and installation typically ranges from $ 6,000 , so the total cost is less than $ 20,000 .

HPP says that many customers buy the kit piece at a time , put them as time and budget allow . We recommend starting with the two most expensive things – the wings and nose – or five things that are cheaper before you add a major body panels .

Wing – which rose 57 inches above the sidewalk – is a three-piece unit made ​​of epoxy resin through the aluminum honeycomb core . Adjustable crossbar and has been tested at speeds up to 200 mph , according to the HPP .

The nose cone is made of epoxy resin and urethane , have electronically controlled light covers and grille surround and screen covers .

Surprisingly , HPP will not be at the SEMA show in Las Vegas this year . This will be the first year it died after three in a row . They will have someone there representing HPP Design Revolution Studios , so look for them if you are interested .

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